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Horizon Weed And Pest Control, based in Carlsbad, now also provides all of Southeast New Mexico with services for controlling problem weeds in lawns and all areas, insects in homes and offices, rodents, and birds. While we are based in Carlsbad, NM, we maintain scheduled routes to most cities in the Southeast portion of the state which include Artesia, Hobbs, Roswell, Loving, Malaga, Jal, Eunice, and all ranches, farms, and oilfield locations in the area.

If you're outside of the Carlsbad area and not on the list above, chances are that we'll still travel to your location and provide you with the same great pest and weed control services we provide to our local residential and commercial clients. Give us a call today at - 575-725-9331 for free evaluations and estimates.


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 How We're Serving The Entire Southeast NM Area

Horizon Pest Control, LLC provides guaranteed, safe, and trusted services at competitive prices using only environmentally safe, certified, low impact insecticides and herbicides. Our technicians are well trained and knowledgeable about the insects and weeds in our area as well as their life cycles. Required continued education keeps us up to date about the safest and newest advancements in the field of chemicals used to control problem bugs and plants in all commercial, residential, and oilfield applications.

How We Help You Save Money On Exterminator Costs

There are a few ways that we run our programs to help save you money. First, at Horizon, we've found that educating our clients is key in our successful exterminating programs. And it's part of our basic service along with free estimates and evaluations. Helping you understand how infestations begin and what you can do to prevent them in the first place helps us help you in keeping things in control. And in the long run, eliminates the need for as many visits from us which saves you money. Along with that, we also educate you in safety, what we do, why we do it,

  • General Insect Control -

Areas Served

  • Carlsbad
  • Loving
  • Malaga
  • White's City
  • Black River
  • Artesia
  • Seven Rivers
  • Hope
  • Roswell
  • Hobbs
  • Jal
  • Eunice
  • Loco Hills
  • All Rural Farm & Ranch Communities In Between
  • All Oilfield Locations In These Areas

So, wherever you're at in the Southeast New Mexico area, whether you be residential, commercial, oilfield, city, or rural, we want to be your pest control and exterminator service company of choice. Give us a call today at 575-725-9331. Our service, reputation, and guarantee that we stand behind 100% speaks for itself. You won't be dissatisfied. Guaranteed.

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Horizon Exterminator Services

  •  - Home / Residential
  •  - Office / Commercial
  •  - Oilfield / Industrial
  •  - Lawn / Yard / Grass
  •  - Garden
  •  - Vacant Lots
  •  - Alley
  •  - Bare Gravel Areas
  •  - Driveways


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Insects / Bugs

  •  - Cockroaches
  •  - Ants
  •  - Fleas
  •  - Ticks
  •  - Spiders
  •  - Bed bugs
  •  - Scorpions
  •  - Centipedes
  •  - Earwigs
  •  - Darkling Beetles
  •  - Most Insect / Bug Species


  •  - Mice
  •  - Rats
  •  - Squirrels
  •  - Ground Hogs
  •  - Gophers
  •  - Moles
  •  - Most Rodent Species

Invasive Plants

  •  - Mustard
  •  - Henbit
  •  - Dandelion
  •  - Spurge
  •  - Russian Thistle
  •  - Khaki Weed
  •  - Clover
  •  - Crabgrass
  •  - Sand Bur
  •  - Puncture Vine (Goat Heads)
  •  - Most Invasive Lawn Plants
  •  - Most All Invasive Vegetation

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