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At Horizon Pest And Weed Control we have the experience of treating countless yards, commercial properties, vacant lots, oil pads and more in the Carlsbad and Artesia area. We're familiar with the weeds in the area and we know what it takes to control them.

Weed Control Services Offered

  • * Pre Emergent Weed Control
  • * Lawn Weed Spraying
  • * Planting Bed Weed Control
  • * Bare Ground Weed Control
  • * Lawn Fertilizing
  • * Lawn Grub Control

Who Is Horizon Pest Control?

We've been around a while and are native home owned and operated. See About Horizon Pest And Weed Control to find out more about our history and presence in this community. 

Have a bug, weed, rodent or other pest issue? Need an exterminator? Get a free no obligation quote from Horizon today. Simply fill out the form to the right or give us a call today at 575-725-9331. Again, our services are guaranteed.

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Insect Control Services

Guaranteed Results...

From scheduled maintenance to one time service to treating severe infestations of insects like cockroaches, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, ants, and others, our treatments are tailored to target the specific pest and provide lasting relief and security from the problem.

There are never any required contracts with any of our exterminator services. Whether you want a one time treatment to clear things up for a while or scheduled visits to provide long time security, Horizon will accommodate your specific needs.

More About Insect Control

Insect Pest Control Service Details



Weed Control Services

Guaranteed Results...

Horizon's weed control applications have been developed and fine tuned to address the many different weed control needs of the Southeast New Mexico area.

- Lawn Pre-Emergent Weed Control (Prevents Weed Seeds From Sprouting)

- Lawn Post Emergent Weed Killer (Kills Existing Weeds)

- Planting & Flower Bed Pre Emergent

- Planting & Flower Bed Spot Weed Killer

- Bare Ground Soil Sterilant (Kills All Vegetation For Extended Period)

More About Weed Control

Weed Control Service Details

Rodent And Bird Control

Guaranteed results...

Rodent and bird control generally requires more than typical insect control. Catching and exterminating them is one thing. Keeping them from returning is another.

For these situations, exclusion and eliminating food sources is key. So, as these situations can tend to get expensive, we offer an option of free advice on how you can deal with it yourself or we'll take on the job.

At Horizon, we generally don't use poisons in these situations as they can cause issues with hidden dead animals.