Is Winter Pest Control Necessary In Southeast New Mexico

In warmer climates like what we have in Carlsbad and Southeast New Mexico, the Winter season often doesn’t get cold enough to diminish insect populations. Sometimes it doesn’t even slow them down. Whether you do your own pest control or have a professional service do it for you, it is a good idea to keep up with your protection throughout … Read More

Pest Control First Steps | Keeping Bugs Out

Let’s face it, if you live in Carlsbad New Mexico, you live in the desert. And the desert has some bugs that are either unique to the desert environment or more prolific in it. Like anywhere else, general pest control handles most insects. However, like anywhere else, specialized pest control may be needed for insects that are unique to the … Read More

Lawn Weed Control In Carlsbad, Artesia, & Southeast New Mexico

Creating a beautiful lawn in Carlsbad, Artesia, and Eddy County New Mexico often requires more than just a simple weed control program of herbicides and pre-emergents once or twice a year. It can require a multi-step ongoing program of different elements to create a thick healthy lawn that also includes pre and post emergent herbicides as just one part of … Read More

Khaki Weed Control | How To Kill Khaki Weed

Khaki Weed Alternanthera caracasana Khaki weed is one of the most difficult weeds to control and usually requires a little more attention than basic weed control methods. As a matter of fact, a lot of the information that you find on this troublesome weed will tell you that you can’t get rid of it. Khaki is prominent in Carlsbad and … Read More

How To Kill Ticks | Carlsbad Home And Lawn Tick Control

Prevent – Treat – Control Brown Dog TickIn our warmer climate, tick infestations are year round in Carlsbad. Ticks can survive some fairly harsh conditions. And while our Southeast New Mexico desert can get bitter cold in Winter, it takes an extended sustained freeze to kill and get rid of ticks. At least until next season.An extended hard freeze will … Read More

Best Time For Pre Emergent Weed Control In Southeast New Mexico

Fall Weed Spray For Spring WeedsWhile this article references when to spray pre emergent weed control in Carlsbad and most of Southeast New Mexico, much of the information here is relevant to all areas. Regardless of area, the main points are –  First identify the weed  Understand the weed life cycle to know the best time for treatment before it … Read More