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Pest & Weed Control Services

A Carlsbad NM based local service company providing guaranteed pest control and weed control services to all of Eddy County New Mexico. Some of these locations include Artesia, Loving, and all ranches, farms, and oilfield locations in the area.

While controlling insects and weeds is the majority of our business, our scope of work and list of services is very broad to also include termite inspections and treatments, bed bug infestations, rodents, and most other critters. If it's something that is where it shouldn't be, chances are, we've dealt with it before. And if we haven't, we probably will.

If you're outside the local Carlsbad area and still within Eddy County, chances are that we'll still travel to your location and provide you with the same great weed control service and pest control service we provide to our local residential and commercial clients. Give us a call today at - 575-725-9331 for free evaluations and estimates.

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Our Services

  • Home & Commercial Insect Control
  • Termite Inspections & Treatment
  • Pre & Post Emergent Lawn Weed Control
  • Soil Sterilant - Residential, Commercial, Oilfield
  • Lawn Fertilizing
  • Lawn Insect Control
  • Oilfield Pest & Weed Control

Service Area

  • Carlsbad - Artesia - Eddy County
  • Loving
  • Malaga
  • White's City
  • Carlsbad Caverns
  • All Rural Farms & Ranches In Between
  • All Oilfield Locations In These Areas

Pests & Weeds

- Cockroaches - Termites - Ants - Fleas - Ticks - Spiders - Bed bugs - Scorpions - Centipedes - Earwigs - Mustard - Henbit - Dandelion - Spurge - African Rue - Russian Thistle - Khaki Weed - Clover - Crabgrass - Sand Bur - Puncture Vine (Goat Heads) - Mice - Rats - Squirrels - Ground Hogs - Gophers - Moles

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At Horizon, our experience and detailed service is key to our successful pest and weed management programs. Not only eliminating infestations and problems but also taking steps to help prevent future infestations helps us help you in keeping things in control and in keeping costs down.

In the long run, very thorough initial inspections and applications help eliminate the need for as many visits from us which saves you money. Along with that, we also educate you in safety and answer any and all questions you may have regarding our services, insecticides, and herbicides.

 - When and where applicable, we also suggest a bi-monthly or even quarterly pest control service schedule. Our treatments are very effective and in most cases provide you safety and protection for a good amount of time. While a lot of our clients prefer a monthly schedule just for peace of mind, we'll suggest a bi-monthly schedule once an infestation or problem is under control. This saves you money.

 Safe, Low Impact Pesticides & Herbicides

Horizon provides guaranteed, safe, and trusted services at competitive prices using only environmentally safe, certified, low impact insecticides and herbicides. The safety of your family, home, business, and clients as well as the protection of our environment is top priority.

Experienced, Knowledgeable Technicians

Our technicians are well trained and knowledgeable about the insects and weeds that thrive in Carlsbad and the surrounding Southeast New Mexico desert. We know their life cycles, growth habits, and what it takes to control them. Required continued education keeps us up to date about the safest and newest advancements in the field of chemicals used in pest and weed management in all residential, commercial, and oilfield applications.

Serving Carlsbad, Artesia, And Eddy County New Mexico

While the majority of our company business is in the Carlsbad and Artesia area, we also serve all of Eddy County. We have a vision to expand into the greater Southeast NM area as well as west Texas. Our technicians are well trained and knowledgeable about the pests and weeds in Southeast New Mexico and Eddy County as well as their life cycles and what it takes to control them. Required continued education keeps us up to date about the safest and newest advancements in the field of chemicals used to control problem bugs and weeds in all commercial, residential, and oilfield applications.

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