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Professional termite inspection and termite treatment service in Carlsbad. We also provide control services to Artesia and all of Eddy County in Southeast New Mexico.

A large brown wood destroying termite commonly found in Carlsbad termite inspections.
Wood Destroying Termite

Discovering that your home has termites can be a quite a shock. Not discovering an infestation in time can be devastating. 

An inspection is cheap compared to the cost of damage these wood destroying insects do. Sadly though, it is usually what most folks consider necessary only for real estate transactions. However, as a homeowner in Carlsbad, a periodic termite inspection can give you peace of mind and assurance that one of your largest investments is safe from these wood damaging pests.

If you have any question as to whether you need to spend the money on an inspection or treatment, you might want to check out Do I Really Need A Termite Inspection Or Treatment to get a clearer answer.

  • Q ) Are there really that many termites in Carlsbad?
    A ) Yes. Almost half of our inspections turn up positive.
  • Q ) How much does a termite treatment cost?
    A ) Cost is based on linear feet. We'll be glad to come out and give you an estimate. Treatment estimates are always free!!!
  • Q ) Am I obligated to use Horizon if you find termites during an inspection?
    A ) No. There is no obligation to use us.
  • Q ) How much does a termite inspection cost?
    A ) Call for pricing. 575-725-9331
  • Q ) Do you service the Artesia, NM area?
    A ) Yes. Call 575-725-9331 for more information.
  • What Does A Termite Inspection Involve

    A magnifying glass with termite inspection written on it.
    Termite Inspection Tools - Magnifying Glass

    Of course, the purpose of an inspection is to determine whether or not a wooden structure (your home) has termites in the first place. And while most homeowners can pick up on any suspicious obvious signs like mud tubes and Alates (flying termites), the signs of termites aren't always obvious.

    Our technicians are trained to recognize the specific types of termites found in Carlsbad and Eddy County New Mexico and the signs of termites to look for.

    We first do a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the home for the obvious signs. Mud tubes, damaged wood, termite body parts, and any debris (frass) that might be left behind.

    Next we go a little deeper by sounding, probing, and using other tools designed specifically to locate and identify termites. Any hollow sounding, soft, unusually shaped, moist, or decayed areas are investigated further.

    Then, if there is an accessible crawl space and / or attic, we inspect that for any signs as well. Of course there are a lot of other specifics that we're trained to observe that most folks wouldn't think of. That's why you hire a professional termite inspection service to to look it over for you.

    What Does A Termite Treatment Involve

    Termite damaged wood floor of a Carlsbad home that's in need of a treatment.
    Termite Damaged Wood Floor

    While most termite treatment methods are fairly standard, the methods of treatment vary from home to home. Where the infestation is found, how old the home is, and how extensive the damage is, all play a role in what's involved in a termite treatment.

    The damaged wood floor is an example of a termite infestation that was within the home, undetected, and therefor has a lot of damage. This treatment will require methods on both the inside and outside of the home.

    While there are over 2,000 species of termites world wide, there are only about 45 that live in the United States. And there is one in particular that we deal with here in Carlsbad. The Subterranean Termite.

    The ultimate goal of a treatment is to destroy the colony. And most generally this is done by eliminating their moisture supply. There are several methods of treating the colony directly. However, a good treatment is preventive as well as curative. So steps should be taken to prevent a re-infestation as well as kill the existing colony.

    The most common method of doing a complete treatment is to create an insecticide barrier around the entire home. Doing so may involve trenching, soil drench, drilling and rodding under concrete, or other methods to apply the insecticide create a complete barrier around the home.

    Pre-Construction Treatments

    New homes and any buildings containing wood should have the soil treated before the concrete slab and footings are poured. This is done after the grade and all utilities are in place. This prevents a future infestation as well as deters any wood destroying insects that may already be present in the soil.

    Professional Pest & Termite Control Service

    Horizon Pest Control provides Carlsbad, Artesia, Eddy County and other surrounding areas in Southeast New Mexico with professional guaranteed termite treatments, thorough termite inspections, and guaranteed pre-construction treatments for wood destroying insects.

    If you live in the Carlsbad area and are in need of a termite inspection or termite treatment service, give Horizon Pest Control a call today at 575-725-9331. Inspections are cheap and treatment estimates are free.