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Controlling Mosquitos In An Arid Desert

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The Flume at Carlsbad has a lot of stagnant pools perfect for mosquito breeding grounds.
Carlsbad Irrigation Flume

Mosquitos need stagnant water to breed and reproduce. So, of course they thrive most and become out of control where there's plenty of water for them. And while Eddy County in Southeast New Mexico doesn't have as much water as most places, it often seems to have just as many mosquitos as a tropical rain forest.

And while most towns in Eddy county like Carlsbad, Artesia, and Loving do provide chemical vector control, it's simply not enough to keep the mosquito population in control.

So if mosquitos thrive where there's water and we live in a desert that doesn't have much, why do we have so many of these blood feeding flying insects?

Actually, if you think about it, we do have quite a bit of water that surrounds and goes through our cities. Of course, we have the Lake Carlsbad Recreation Area on the Pecos River. And don't forget Black River. However, we also have Brantley Lake State Park, Lake Avalon, the Carlsbad irrigation district Canal System, and several other areas that have water at certain times of the year like Seven Rivers and Rocky Arroyo. These alone would be enough to sustain a large mosquito population. However, there are even more sources.

Mosquito Breeding Grounds

While most cities in Eddy County have a diversity of industry, they all also depend on agriculture as industry as well. And where you have agriculture, you have irrigation and... you'll have Mosquitos.

The Carlsbad irrigation canal system is perfect for mosquito breeding grounds.
Carlsbad Irrigation Canal System

The need for irrigation creates a need for a network of canals and ditches that criss cross the entire countryside starting at Lake Avalon going through town and out through Otis. While these waterways are moving, they're not necessarily a breeding ground for mosquitos. It's when they're not moving that they provide the pools of stagnant water that mosquitos prefer to reproduce in. As well, these areas also catch and hold water every time it rains.

Even though Eddy County provides vector control, there's no way it can address the entire area and every pool and puddle.

Along with these areas, there are mosquito breeding grounds right in your own backyard. Old tires, empty cans and bottles, empty buckets, kiddy pools, and pet waterers are just a few I can think of. Every property is different. Basically, if it holds water, turn it over or get rid of it.

Taking Control Around Your Home

Old tires, buckets, and trash that hold water and make a great place for mosquitos to reproduce.
Places Mosquitos Reproduce At Home

While it's not really possible to completely eliminate the entire mosquito population in Southeast New Mexico, you can reduce the population around your own home.

And with a group effort with your neighborhood, you can get even better results.

Again, eliminating water sources is the main thing with long term effective mosquito control. Eliminate water sources and you'll have a big part of the battle won.

Prevention And Repellant

Again, unless every person in the county does something to help control mosquitos in their own yard, you probably won't ever get total control. However, with a few small steps you may get some relief in your own environment.

  • Water - As mentioned above, Mosquitos must have water to reproduce. Eliminate all sources of water or that hold water. Repair leaky faucets and sprinkler systems as well as eliminate all articles that hold water. The old tire and bucket in the photo above are good examples.
  • Plant plants around your home that repel mosquitos such as Marigold, Citronella Grass, Geranium, and Lavender to name just a few. Try to create an environment that mosquitos don't like.
  • Larvae control - If you have ornamental ponds, birdbaths, or fountains, you can purchase larvacide disks or dunks that drop right into the water and kill the mosquito larvae.
  • Clean up leaves and clutter - These areas hold moisture and provide the cool environment that mosquitos like to rest in during the hot part of the day.
  • Thin out thick vegetation and low branches. These areas are where mosquitos rest in the day. They are cooler and provide shade and protection from the hot sun.
  • Get professional mosquito control help...

Professional Mosquito Control Service

If you live in Carlsbad, Artesia, or anywhere in Eddy County and need help with a mosquito issue, Horizon can help you with that. We know the bugs in Southeast New Mexico and can provide effective mosquito control solutions with lasting results. Give Horizon Mosquito And Pest Control a call for service today at 575-725-9331.