Oilfield Pest & Weed Control Service Southeast New Mexico

A pump jack and oilfield weed control location in Southeast New Mexico that has no weeds.

Oilfield Pump Jack

Services Offered

  • Weed Control (Bare Ground)
  • Pest Control (Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Others)
  • Rodent Control
  • Bee & Bee Hive Removal

Providing pest and weed control service to the oilfield around Carlsbad and Eddy County, NM. - Horizon's oilfield pest and weed control division is SafeLandUSA Certified and dedicated to the specific situations and needs of the oil and gas industry in Southeast New Mexico and around Carlsbad. Horizon Pest Control provides service for oilfield weed control, rodent occupations, and insect infestations. We have the training, knowledge, and systems designed to address these specific situations.

We Know The Oilfield - While the types of infestations in the oilfield are much the same as other residential and commercial clients in Carlsbad and Eddy County New Mexico, there are differences in terms of location, occupation, time frame, distance, types of pests, and severity of infestation. We service all gas and oil production facilities and refineries, around rigs and pump jack pads, living quarters, man camps, and drill pipe storage yards.

Oilfield Weed Control

Dry, bare dirt. What Carlsbad, NM soil looks like when treated with bare ground herbicide.

Dry, Bare Ground - No Weeds

Bare Ground Soil Treatments - Long term control of all unwanted weeds, grasses, and vegetation. Most of the weed control for the oil and gas industry is focused on vegetation growing on oil pads, equipment yards, refining facilities, pipe storage yards, and around offices, pump jacks, and rigs. And since the majority of these facilities are isolated and in need of long term results,  ** non-selective soil sterilant herbicides ** (see below) are used to kill all unwanted vegetation and create bare ground that will last an extended amount of time.

At Horizon, we use the most effective bare ground sterilants in the industry that not only give long term residual effect against problem weeds of Southeast New Mexico but also provide quick knockdown of African Rue, existing grasses, shrubs, and other vegetation.

** All soil sterilants and pre-emergent herbicides, regardless of what company applies them, are dependent on rain or irrigation to get into the top layer of soil in order to be most effective on weeds and weed seeds that have not yet sprouted. While the herbicides we use at Horizon do give good knockdown of existing vegetation, there may be some sprouting after our application until after enough precipitation to get the herbicides about a half inch into the top soil surface.

At Horizon we guarantee results. After an initial application of soil sterilant you will see immediate knockdown and death of existing weeds and vegetation on locations. However, if you see any sprouting after that, we ask that you give enough time for precipitation to move the sterilant into the soil surface before asking us to to come spray again. If satisfactory results are not achieved, we will be glad to come spray again. There is no need to call anyone else.

Insect Control

Guaranteed Insect Control - At Horizon, we're very familiar with the insects in Carlsbad, Artesia, and Southeast New Mexico, their life cycles, and methods and insecticides needed to control them.

Photo of a bed bug commonly found infesting oilfield housing

a bed bug commonly found infesting oilfield housing

The most common issues we face with the oilfield are Bed Bugs and Cockroach infestations.

  • Bed Bug Infestations - Because of the shared housing and constant moving of oilfield workers, bed bug infestations are very common. It requires special knowledge and insecticides to control bed bugs. See The Oil Boom Brings The Bed Bug Boom.
  • Cockroach Infestations

We use the most effective, environmentally friendly, and residual long lasting pesticides in the industry to give long lasting safety, security, and control of these pest problems.

Much the same as the rodents that plague oil, gas, and petroleum refining locations and living facilities, the pest bugs find these areas to be a wonderful new home with plenty of food and water introduced into their habitat.

Rodent Control

While the applications for oilfield rodent control are much the same as most residential and commercial infestations in the city and surrounding farm and ranch areas, the rodent species, types, their size, and severity of infestation can vary a bit. Some infestations can be as simple as basic mice and rats but can often be large pack rats, raccoons, rock squirrels, and other large native species. This often requires special knowledge and equipment to address. We're very familiar with the species in the Southeast NM area, their life cycles, feeding habits, and methods required to control them.

In city situations, the rodents move into our habitat in search of food and shelter. In many and most of the isolated oil and gas production locations, the trailers, living quarters, drilling equipment, pump jacks, and rigs are moved into their habitat.

While moving into their native habitat may initially startle the varmints, they soon realize that these areas are perfect shelter from the elements as well as a new supply of food. Once they get familiar with the new surroundings, they quickly move in and set up occupancy.

 Depending on type of pest, we'll use a variety of methods to control the situation. Along with rodenticides designed to kill the existing critters, we may also elect to use effective repellants to drive the animals out of the area and keep them away.

Bee & Bee Hive Removal

Bees are attracted to oilfield locations because they provide a lot of areas for shelter and habitat. As well, they provide a continual source of water which is important for life in our parched Southeast New Mexico desert.

A bee hive that is too close to equipment and people can be a serious danger. As well, when a bee hive causes a loss in man hours, it needs to be addressed.

The first thing that needs to be addressed is whether or not the hive can be saved. Unfortunately, in most cases, the bees choose areas hat can't be easily accessed. And while there are several bee keepers in Carlsbad and Eddy County, they generally don't travel to oilfield locations or extract from around dangerous equipment. If there are no other options, the hive may have to be removed and destroyed.

Oilfield Safety And Certification

Specific to the oilfield and gas industry in Southeast New Mexico around Carlsbad and Eddy County, New Mexico, Horizon has been certified through SafeLandUSA training, trained and certified in H2S safety, and has all certifications for CPR and first aid.

Horizon Pest and oilfield Weed control service in Carlsbad has all safety equipment and clothing required to enter production facilities which includes hard hats, steel toe boots, fire retardant clothing (FR's), and H2S monitors. We are also licensed through the State Of NM Department Of Agriculture for insect, rodent, and weed control.