Preparing For A Pest Control Treatment

A successful pest control program is dependent on several factors including the participation of our clients. There are several things that you can do before and after our visits to help make our applications more effective and help keep your home or office pest free. Spraying insecticides is only one part of the program and in many cases should actually be the last resort to eliminating and excluding insects from your residence or commercial property.

Our initial insect control visit as well as any service call we make to your home is intended to set up a strong defense and barrier from bugs entering your home while also killing all the spiders and other insects in your home or office. It's important that as many areas as possible can be treated with insecticide in order to create the best barrier of defense. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for our visits -

Exterior Pest Barrier

Creating a strong barrier on the outside is the best defense to keeping insects from gaining access into your home in the first place. On every pest control visit we make, we spray the entire outside structure three feet up on the walls as well as three to five feet out onto the ground. We also spray around all entry ways. On older homes or office buildings with older style windows, we also spray the entire area around the windows. Newer double pane windows are generally secure from any entry from pests.

In order for us to create the best barrier and apply as much insecticide as possible, it's important that all areas against the walls, doors, and windows must be clear as well as the yard area at least three feet out from the building. If there are tall weeds that are out of control, you need to cut them back or order a weed treatment to eliminate all weeds and vegetation. As well, make sure that all yard tools, water hoses, boxes, and any other elements be out of the way. If you have children, this also means making sure that all toys are picked up and no bikes are leaning against the building.

Interior Pest Control

How extensive our treatment is on the inside is largely dependent on our clients. We'll generally do as much as you would like done on the immediate inside of your home or office providing the spaces are clear from any household or personal articles. Spraying or dusting attics, basements, and crawl spaces is not included in the price of a general insect application.

Ideally, we like to spray the entire baseboard area of the building and behind all appliances. On initial and every third visit, we also like to spray closets, top areas, and under cabinets.

As with the outside application, all baseboards must be clear of any clothes, shoes, toys, boxes, etc., in order for us to spray. In closets and under cabinets, all spaces next to walls must be clear as well. We won't spray where there are any toys, shoes, clothes, or any other articles that could accidentally get any drift from our application.

So in order for our Insect control application programs to be more successful and for you to get the most for your money, client participation and preparation before our visits is very important.

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