Common Broadleaf Weeds In Carlsbad And Artesia

Weed Identification

There is a variety of broadleaf weeds that infest Carlsbad and Artesia lawns and properties. The desert atmosphere of Southeast New Mexico is perfect for their survival. However, there are just a handful of weed and vegetation types that infest lawns to the point of needing herbicide treatments to manage them.

This list identifies the most common targets of our weed control treatments in Carlsbad, their main characteristics, and tips for controlling them. This isn't all the weeds we deal with. Just the most common in Carlsbad and Artesia lawns.

Beyond common broadleaf lawn weeds, the New Mexico Department Of Agriculture has a list of noxious, invasive, and introduced weeds and plant species in New Mexico that we'll talk about in anther article. Some of these plants are the salt Cedar along the Pecos River snd down by the Flume, African Rue, and even the Mustard Weed listed below that grows from beyond C-hill to beyond who knows where.

Timing And Management

Good management of weeds and unwanted vegetation requires first knowing a bit about the habits and lifecycle of the weeds you wish to control. Identification is, of course, the first step. However, in order to know the best time to apply pre-emergents, the next step is to know when the plants germinate, make flower, and make seed.

It's important to apply pre-emergent before plants germinate in order to minimize future sprouts. Most of the weeds listed here germinate at different times. And with that, different areas of the Pecos Valley heat up at different rates in the Spring.

For example, the Mcnew Subdivision out on the open desert warms up a lot slower than neighborhoods along the river like Landsun Drive or Pecos Acres. So, good weed management requires knowing a bit about the weed and a little about weather patterns and history.

The Weed List

While they're not necessarily common broadleaf lawn weeds and don't usually affect the average homeowner, they are worth mentioning. Again, we'll cover this in another article.

A bunch of Mustard weeds (London Rocket) growing on a hillside
Mustard Weed (London Rocket)

Mustard (London Rocket) - Not the most difficult weed to kill and control, but the most visible and one we get the most calls for in the Spring.

Mustard is is a cool weather weed that dies out when the weather gets warm. Best managed with pre-emergent in the Fall, it is very easy to control.

A big part of our weed service is spraying weeds in the Fall. Our clients who spray in the Fall have no mustard or other weeds in the Spring.

Mustard weed is more of a nuisance than it causes any damage. In Carlsbad, it's one of the first weeds you'll see in the Spring and will even see it thrive in the freezing cold of Winter.

Then, the Mustard explodes throughout Southeast New Mexico as the weather warms. However, it is the first to die out when the weather gets hot and it is mowed.

Maltese Star Thistle - Not necessarily a lawn weed, Maltese Star Thistle grows thick along Carlsbad roadsides and fields. Maltese Star Thistle was first noticed on the truck by pass on North Happy Valley Road in 2003.

Maltese Star Thistle - An invasive weed that populates Carlsbad fields and roadsides
Maltese Star Thistle

It is a cool weather Winter annual that first germinates in Late Fall, shows itself in the Spring, matures very rapidly, and reproduces early. It then dwindles and dies out in the heat of the Summer

To manage this invasive plant, it's important to apply a pre-emergent in the Fall before it germinates. A post emergent that works for Mustard weed will also work on Maltese Star Thistle if any have sprouted already. A post emergent in Spring will help stop any that have escaped the first treatment.

As stated earlier, it's not a lawn weed so it's not generally a concern unless you have open areas, fields, or vacant lots on your property.

Henbit - Another cool weather weed that is very prolific and best controlled with a Fall pre-emergent treatment.

Henbit flowers in the Spring and drops its seeds where they lay waiting until the weather cools. It's very important to get your pre-emergent applied early if you're dealing with Henbit.

A beautiful purple Henbit flower head
Purple Henbit Flower

Henbit thrives in Carlsbad and Artesia lawns. It can take over huge areas very quickly and choke out large areas of grass. After the henbit finishes its lifecycle and dies, the areas of lawn that have been choked out are left with bare areas which in turn, make room for more and different weeds.

Again, even though it's a cool weather Spring weed, Henbit and many other weeds are best treated with Fall pre-emergent weed control before they germinate. And again, timing is critical as well as some knowledge of the plants you're trying to control.

Night time temperatures will regulate when some seeds germinate so knowing this information will help you determine the best time to apply pre emergent.

Mass growths of Henbit, even though it is a weed, can be very beautiful and impressive as it creates a field of purple when it's in full bloom.

Even though it is a cool weather weed and dies out as the weather warms, Henbit can cause a lot of damage before it finishes its lifecycle, goes to seed, and dies out.

Black Medic weed looks like Clover except has a yellow flower instead of white or pink
Black Medic

Black Medic - This is the one that folks call clover. However, Black Medic is distinguished by a yellow flower and true Clover has a white flower. It is very difficult to manage and keep it gone.

Black Medic thrives in poor soil and is actually a sign of Nitrogen deficiency in lawns. Our Southeast New Mexico soil is perfect for it.

See How to control Clover (and Black Medic) in lawns. Black Medic is best treated with Spring pre-emergent and mid-summer contact spray when it is young and active.

Spurge - Is a very difficult to manage warm weather weed that is best treated in the Spring and mid-summer with pre-emergent. Contact spray treatments work well when it is young but not so much when the plant matures.

Spurge grows prostrate in a thick carpet, makes millions of dust fine seeds, and can choke out large areas of lawn.

Khaki Weed Image
Khaki Weed Alternanthera caracasana

Khaki Weed - Is one of the most difficult weeds we treat and requires specialized herbicides and constant attention to control it. See Khaki weed control / how to kill khaki weed for information on how to control it yourself.

Khaki has a glossy succulent type leaf and small white sticker bur seed heads.

One of the things that makes Khaki so difficult to control, is that it has an extremely long tap root. It can bounce back from the root even after the strongest herbicide assault. It requires constant attention and possibly several treatments.

Puncture Vine (Goat Head) - A warm weather weed that is best treated with preventive pre-emergent. A Spring time treatment and mid-summer treatment are best. Difficult to kill once it's mature and the seeds are viable up to seven years.

A full fluffy dandelion seed head in a lawn. A Dandelion Weed Seed Head

Dandelion - Everybody has Dandelion. And they're never going away. With their airy floating seed heads, they're bound to show up again and again.

Fall and Spring pre-emergent is the best defense against Dandelion. And even while the best efforts aren't always enough, Spring and Summer post emergent and spot treatments are also a necessary tool for this one.

Professional Weed Control Services

Again, these are just the most common broadleaf weeds we treat for in Carlsbad and Artesia lawns. While there are many more that thrive in Southeast New Mexico, very few make it into or get a foot hold in lawn areas.

Regardless, the herbicides we use here at Horizon, address these and most other broadleaf weeds and invasive vegetation that grows in Carlsbad, Artesia, and Eddy County New Mexico.

If you are in Carlsbad, Artesia, or anywhere in Eddy County New Mexico and are in need of professional weed control service, give Horizon pest control a call today at 575-725-9331. We know the weeds in Carlsbad and Artesia and how to control them. Our spray service is guaranteed.