Do I Need A Termite Treatment Or Inspection

Are There Signs Of Termites?Subterranean Termite SoldierWhile cities like Carlsbad in Southeast New Mexico have fewer incidence of termite infestations than the rest of the country, we still have our fair share. 42% of our inspections turn up positive for active termites and other wood destroying insects. 80% of our inspections find signs of past termite activity. Even if you … Read More

Cockroach Control – Preparing For The Exterminator

Preparing Your Home For A Cockroach Treatment Dead Cockroach After A TreatmentCockroach infestations are common pest control issue here in Carlsbad. They range from minor “water bug” (Oriental Roach) presence to extreme infestations of German roaches. Some are rather easy to control and others take multiple treatments, a bit of time, persistence, and specialized insecticides. While this article is directed … Read More

Is Fall Pre Emergent Weed Control Really Necessary

A Weed Free Lawn In The FallIs Fall pre emergent weed spray really necessary in Carlsbad and the temperate climate of Southeast New Mexico? Actually, we consider our Fall weed control program to be the best treatment we put down all year. In Carlsbad, this is especially true since our Fall season tends to be long and warm where a … Read More

How To Control Clover In Lawns | Carlsbad Lawn Weed Control

Southeast New Mexico’s Long Growing SeasonClover is right at home in Carlsbad lawns. It and its look alike, Black Medic love Southeast New Mexico’s temperate climate and extended growing season. And because of its perennial growth habit and rooting system, Clover is often one of the most difficult weeds to kill and control. Again, because of Carlsbad’s extended growing season, … Read More

Grub Worm Control In Lawns

Prevention – Treatment – ControlGrub Worms Lawn grubs, often referred to as grub worms, aren’t actually worms at all. In Southeast New Mexico lawns, the majority of them are actually the larvae of the┬ámasked chafer and Japanese beetle. In Carlsbad and Southeast New Mexico, these Japanese beetles that result from the grubs are often referred to as June Bugs. You … Read More

Blue Weed Spray – Spraying The Blue Stuff

Blue green Lawn Weed spraying Indicator DyeWeed spraying has become quite visible in Carlsbad and Eddy County. Most of us have seen the lawns, flower beds, and parking lots sprayed with blue. However, it’s not necessarily the blue that matters. Weed control by spraying pre-emergent herbicides and contact weed killer to control unwanted weeds and grasses in lawns, planting beds, … Read More

How To Get Rid Of Mice – Mouse Control

Effective mouse control, as well as dealing with rats and other rodent infestations in homes and businesses is generally quite simple and in most cases, something that the average homeowner or business can do themselves quite easily. While exterminating mice and rodents is on our list of pest control services and we will be glad to take care of it … Read More

How Do Cockroaches Get Into Your Home

Cockroaches Caught On Sticky Glue TrapCockroaches and roach infestations are common in Carlsbad homes and businesses. Actually, they can be found in just about every place on earth. We treat a lot of infestations in Carlsbad and they often prove to be some of our most challenging projects.While it’s often puzzling to a lot of folks who keep very clean … Read More

Is Winter Pest Control Necessary In Southeast New Mexico

In warmer climates like what we have in Carlsbad and Southeast New Mexico, the Winter season often doesn’t get cold enough to diminish insect populations. Sometimes it doesn’t even slow them down. Whether you do your own pest control or have a professional service do it for you, it is a good idea to keep up with your protection throughout … Read More

Pest Control First Steps | Keeping Bugs Out

Let’s face it, if you live in Carlsbad New Mexico, you live in the desert. And the desert has some bugs that are either unique to the desert environment or more prolific in it. Like anywhere else, general pest control handles most insects. However, like anywhere else, specialized pest control may be needed for insects that are unique to the … Read More